S.Venkatesulu,SeenaNaik Korra,E.Sudarshan,A. Rajeshwar Rao,



Exhale,Arduino,Integrated Sensors,Gases ,Detection of Abnormality,


Nowadays population growth increasing exponentially and also health diseases increase parallel due to environment and manmade things. A common person live healthy to required things are air, food, water environmental conditions and our body functioning. Due to these above parameters health issues are affecting and medical Diagnosis is too costly.  The proposed analysis is helping out to every common people with their exhale; through their exhale they can analyze present environmental and body circumstances. The basic analysis is exhale air quality index comparing some gases like carbon oxide, nitrogen, argon and oxygen. The detection of exhale and analysis forms a major application in therapeutic field. It helps in detecting the deviation real time by using Arduino and integrated sensors. The developed system systematically monitors the gases Parameters to get down various consequences so that early detection of dieses symptoms is possible. Detection of abnormality may lead to avoidance of chronic respiratory diseases


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