Detection and Classification of Kidney Disorders using Deep Learning Method


Vasanthselvakumar R,Balasubramanian M,Palanivel S,



Adaboost,Chronic Kidney Diseases, HOG,Convolutional Neural Network,Ultrasound image,


The main objective of this work is to detect and classify the chronic kidney diseases (CKDs) particularly kidney stone, cystic kidney and suspected renal carcinoma. CKDs make a ground for developing several numbers of diseases other than urinal system. It will cause the pervasiveness of Coronary heart diseases, stroke, cardiomyopathy, pulmonary hypertension, and heart valves diseases, Early prediction of chronic kidney disease will save life from worse diseases, Ultrasound imaging is widely used diagnostic method for abdominal studies. In this proposed system chronic kidney diseases have detected using a framework containing Histogram of oriented gradient feature and Adaboost Algorithm. Convolution Neural Network (CNN) multi layered architecture has trained for kidney diseases classification, Batch prediction method is evaluated for prediction of chronic kidney diseases. The performance accuracy for detection of kidney disease is given as 96.67% The accuracy for the classification of CKD ultrasound using CNN is given by 85.2 %..


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