M. Subba Rao ,SakilaGopal Reddy ,K. Sai Janardhan ,Sangu Harish Reddy,



MOSFET,Single Line,Three Phase ,Fly back Converter,MPPT,


This power converter is a device thattransforms single-line power to three-phase power. The proposed single line to three-line ((1φ or DC)/3φ) power-conversion system contains a power converter; zero-sequence transformer set, and filter capacitors and inductors. Generally, converters are utilized wherever the supply is single-phase to convert it into three-phase we use this type of converters. These converters are mostly used in secluded location and surcharges because of the electric utilities don't install due to cost is too high to install. Three-phase services usually require a high price due to the installation of extra equipment and meters at the transformer and also extra electric wire for transmission is required. In this paper, the single-line to three-phase converter is designed by using SIMULINK toolbox in MATLAB software.


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