D. Dharani Lakshmi,K. Jithendra Gowd,



Power Factor Correction,PFC Converters,Power Factor,Total Harmonic Distortion,Switched Mode Power Supply SMPS,


This paper is mainly focus on the power quality issues that occur in the power system and how this can be reduced by using the more outputs from the SMPS. The theme of the paper is usage of different power electronics converter methods in the supply side and constant converter by using the transformer with high frequency(HFT). In order to improvement of the PQ and for the best monitoring purpose different control strategies like NN is used in the SISO and MOSMPS. Here we mainly focus on the SISO System to obtain best output under standards conditions. Isolated and non-isolated configuration for Boost converter and various models are proposed. These entire configurations are simulated and modelled by using the MATLAB under certain loaded conditions.


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