Mercy Rosalina K,M Uma Maheswara Rao,



Distributed generation (DG),Superconducting fault current limiters Resistive type (R-SFCL),Circuit breaker (CB),Phase locked loop (PLL),


Microgrid protection is one of the challenging tasks, now a day microgrids placed an important role. In general, some conventional protective devices (Circuit breaker and relays, etc.) are there for the protection of microgrids. These conventional protective devices having some drawbacks, they are during abnormal conditions continuity of supply is not possible and it permits up to three cycles of error currents into the network. To overcome that disadvantages Superconducting Fault Current Limiter (Resistive type) is used. Under standard conditions R-SFCL offers small resistance then it acted as a superconductor, under fault circumstances it offers more resistance then error currents are minimized. It allows only one cycle of fault current into the system and continuity of supply is possible.


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