Bhoopendra Dwivedy,Anoop Kumar Bhola,C.K. Jha,



CAEHONET protocol,EHO,Improved whale optimization algorithm,energy,clustering,ACO ,NS2 platform,


The wirelessly connected networks of vehicular nodes are Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET). According to the limited bandwidth of the wireless interface, dynamic topology, frequently disconnected networks with the vital role in vehicular communication is best path. To address this problem, this research proposes a Clustering-based Adaptive Elephant Herd Optimization (CAEHO) for VANETs. The proposed CAEHONET protocol is used to forms optimized clusters for robust communication. In CAEHONET is utilized to control the overhead can be efficiently. The main objective of the paper is to analyse the energy efficient and provide the security analysis in VANET. By calculating an enhanced fitness function, it works intelligently to select the optimal route and most stable route among known routes. The aim of the paper is to maintain the stability in the system of polar coordinate and the obstacles as objective of probability of occurrence. The NS2 platform is used to implement the proposed work then it is contrasted with previous techniques such as Ant Colony Optimization algorithm (ACO) and Improved Whale Optimization algorithm (IWOA) respectively. Especially, the CAEHONET enhances the packet delivery, network throughput, packet loss ratio and ratio end-to-end delay than other routing protocols and the entire simulation works are handled in NS2 tool.


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