Vishali Sivalenka,Srinivas Aluvala,Khaja Mannanuddin,



Big data,Cyber Physical System,Data Analytics,


Today, in the technologized generation the utilization of smart computing devices has been increasing with a rapid pace in every walk of life, such as the adoption of smart watches, fitness bands, diabetic actuators, automatic machines and digital medical equipment for personal and organizational activities.In all these areas from personal to organizational and medical to satellites, the networking of devices and data transfer plays a key role. The autonomous networked computing system, that connects the physical and software components together to access, analyze and process the data for computing, communicating through networking is known as Cyber Physical System (CPS). When these systems used in different areas, they access and process a voluminous data called big data. As the big data is increasing in a large volume day by day, it has become challenging to handle such gigantic data in Cyber Physical System. So, there evolved a need to develop different tools and techniques to handle the big data in various Cyber Physical Systems. Focus of this review is to present the various tools and techniques used to manage big data in heterogeneous Cyber Physical Systems,in addition to this, it also briefs the growth and applications of Cyber Physical System.


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