Awareness and Penetration Level of Cashless Transactions in the Organized Retail Market of Nagpur City


Shashwati Bhowmick,



Awareness,Penetration,Organized Retail,Cashless,Transactions,


Cash was the only medium of monetary transaction till recent past, however the scenario changed after demontization and cashless became the new norm. Retail means repeated sales to the end consumer in small quantity. As a result it witnesses maximum transactions. The growth of the retail sector contributes significantly to the GDP of the economy. The economic growth has led to higher incomes of Indian consumers which have resulted in increased purchasing power. Organized Retail is properly planned with investment and infrastructure. It involves transactions among various stake holders like Customers, Retailers, Distributors, Manufacturers and Government Agencies. It needs seamless payments and processing system for ensuring substantial growth and development. Cashless transactions play a significant role in achieving the same in organized retail markets. Nagpur is a fast emerging smart city witnessing significant growth in organized retail. The researcher finds that there is enormous scope for cashless transactions in organized retail market of Nagpur City. This paper studies the awareness and penetration level of cashless transactions in organized retail market of Nagpur City.


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