Analysis of Synthesized Ka-Band Linear Array Antenna for Beam Steering Applications


S.S.S. Kalyan,K. Ch. Sri Kavya,Sarat K. Kotamraju,



Linear array antenna, Beam steering, Relative Side Lobe Level,Ka-Band,Satellite Communication Links, Taylor’s Amplitude distribution,


As beam steering antennas are being an ideal solution for many satellite applications, this paper is concerned on the design of a 16-element linear array antenna, using an RT Duroid substrate at 20.2 GHz for Ka-Band satellite communications. The design is initiated with single element and thereby incremented in steps to 2, 4, 8 and 16 elements. An optimum inter element spacing of 0.73λ is considered for the purpose of fulfilling the desired scanning requirement. Performance analysis of the proposed antenna is analyzed mainly in terms of Relative Side Lobe level (RSLL) and Beam steering. To synthesize the antenna, weights of the antenna are considered according to Taylor’s amplitude distribution along the antenna aperture to attain a relative side lobe level of -25dB. The proposed 16-element linear array antenna achieved a maximum gain of 19.5dB and the main beam direction can be switched up to 50o (±25o) without introduction any grating lobes. In addition to, other relevant antenna parameters such as reflection coefficient, VSWR, gain and efficiency of single, 2, 4, 8 and 16 element antennas are compared. The proposed linear array antenna is designed using Ansoft HFSS.


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