Prakash Mohan,Manikandan Sundaram,



Principal Component Analysis,Support Vector Machine,Fault Prognosis,Air Compressor,


Machine Fault Diagnosis is an important domain in Mechanical Engineering which concerns about finding fault in the machine parts. Among many techniques to identify and classify the faults, this paper concerns about using machine learning algorithms to distinguish healthy machines fro mtheun healthy machines. Inordertodistinguishthestateofamachine,classificationalgorithmshas to beused.The accuracy of an algorithm depends upon the pattern, that the data set follows. The suitability of the five most commonly used classification algorithm has been discussed. Various transforms can be applied to such sensor data. Here various algorithms have been tested for wave let packet transform. Thea ccuracy of the fit has been measured for all the five algorithms. Hyper-parametertuning has been done to make the fitbetter.


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