Basim Galeb,Haider Saad,Haitham Bashar,Kadhum Al-Majdi,Aqeel Al-Hilali,



GEO,ISL,LEO,MEO,Satellite communications,


From its early days as a fledgling technology, satellite communication has come a long way to become a flourishing component of the global technological ecosystem that determines our increasingly interdependent world. This scholarly essay provides a comprehensive analysis of current developments in satellite communication technology and the several fields in which they might be applied. The essay dives into major inventions that have catapulted this discipline to unparalleled heights, and it spans from the historical origins to the modern accomplishments. This overview elucidates the enormous influence that satellite communication has had on modern civilization, highlighting its central position in allowing global connection, data dissemination, and transformational applications across a variety of industries.


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