Smrutirekha Mahanta,Manoj Kumar Moharana,




Distributed Generation,DG Placement Techniques,Optimal Locations,Optimal Size,


This manuscript outlines various work carried out in the field of Distributed Generation (DG). Increase in power consumption and shortage in transmission capabilities are addressed by DGs. In order to maximize the potential benefits, it is imperative to place the DGs at optimal locations and the DGs should have optimal size pertaining to that location. There are several research works that are carried out on the placement and sizing of DGs. Nonetheless, the methodical principle for this issue is still unsettled. Various optimization strategies can be used to obtain the appropriate placement and sizing of distributed generation (DG) in grids. This study provides a comprehensive overview of several DG placement approaches, including stochastic fractal search algorithms, particle swarm optimization, symbiotic search algorithms, opposition-based tuneable chaotic differential evaluation, and more. The benefits and potential uses of each method are briefly covered in this study. The study sheds light on the efforts made to determine the best location and size of DGs.


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