A new co-ordinated hybrid fuzzy logic and particle swarm optimization based PID controller for speed control of DC servomotor


Arnob Senapati,Akash Maitra,Saswata Das,Souvik Chatterjee,Binanda Kishore Mondal,Abhishek Kumar Kashyap,Sudipta Ghosh,




Speed Contro,DC Servomoto, PID,PSO,Fuzzy,Hybrid Fuzzy,


The speed control is an interesting and important term in control system engineering. Speed of the DC servomotor has to be varied according to application requirement. According to requirement suitable controllers and algorithm are use to achieve best control over speed. PID controller is a well known controller which is used in feedback control in industrial application. But in some industrial application the speed control with PID controller is not able to achieve the perfect control due to non linear element present in the system. Therefore in this research the Particle Swarm Optimization based PID controller and Hybrid Fuzzy Logic Controller are use to overcome this problem. Fuzzy logic control offers an improvement in the quality of the speed response concentrated by emulating the expert and implemented in language based on operator’s experience. Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm on the PID controller is an advanced approach for getting a stable and linear response of any system. PSO is a population based stochastic optimization technique is initialized with a population of random solutions and searches for optima by updating generations. A comparative analysis of performance analysis both the controllers have been done.


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