A High Miniaturaized Antenna for Wi-Max and Small Wireless Technologies


Saad Hassan Kiani,Sohail Imran,Mehr-e-Munir,Mujeeb Abdullah,




Miniaturization,Microstrip Patch Antenna (MPA),directivity,gain,bandwidth,Slots,Computer Simulation Technology (CST),


This letter presents a single feed novel miniaturized patch antenna for WiMax applications and small wireless technologies. Antenna is fabricated on FR4 substrate with 1.6mm thickness and copper sheet of 0.035mm. The miniaturization of 82% is achieved by etching a Fork shape slot in ground plane as response is observed at 3.4GHz. Simulated and measured results shows acceptable gain of 3.4 to 3.6dB and efficiency ranging to 82% with 260MHz bandwidth. The proposed antenna is simulated in Computer Simulation Technology 2015. The measurement results demonstrate that the proposed antenna provides acceptable radiation performances with directional radiation patterns at desired frequency.


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