Arun Dubey,Dilip Kumar Jaiswal,Gulrana,A. K. Thakur,




2-D Advection-dispersion equation,Aquifer,Heterogeneity,Pollution,Laplace transform,


The stabilization of groundwater resources in excellent quality is crucial for both the environment and human societies. To examine the contaminant concentration pattern of infinite and semi-infinite aquifers, mathematical models provide accurate descriptions. The two-dimensional model for a semi-infinite heterogeneous porous medium with temporally dependent and space-dependent (degenerate form) dispersion coefficients for longitudinal and transverse directions is derived in this study. The Laplace Integral Transform Techniques (LITT) is used to find analytical solutions. The dispersion coefficient is considered the square of the velocity which represents the seasonal variation of the year in coastal/tropical regions. To demonstrate the solutions, the findings are presented graphically. Figures are drawn for different times for a function and discussed in the result and discussion section. It is also concluded that a two-dimensional model is more useful than a one-dimensional model for assessing aquifer contamination.


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