WPAN Communication Using Rssi For Locomotives Prediction For Transferable Rostrum


G. Kanagavalli,Balaji.S,John Paul Praveen A,Mohanraj R,




PIC18F45J11 Microcontroller,MRF24J40 MiWi,RSSI,WPAN,


By victimization embedded system we've got an inclination to face live about to develop a high quality platform. Every time when the train arrives the platform, mechanically it can open by intimating a warning to the passengers those who live victimization the mobile platform. Using wireless communication this may be done. All the train is connected with RF transceiver, so that it send a knowledge of arrival before it reaches the platform of the station. If the train leaves from the platform, then automatically the mobile platform square measure visiting be bridged between a try of platforms to form a path between them. This project is supposed with PIC18F45J11 Microcontroller. The PIC18F45J11 Microcontroller will work of partaking the input from the RSSI and it offers command to the motor to run therefore on tackle the modification within theposition of the quality Rostrum.


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