Vyacheslav N. Fedorov,Nikolay D. Malutin,Nikolay B. Drobotun,




A super-broadband divider,the combiner of impulses,picosecond and nanosecond impulses,divider model as a six-pole,ABCD-matrix of divider/combiner,boundary conditions for the incident and the reflected waves in microwave devices,


Specific features of the operation of ultra-wideband power dividers based on coupled lines under the influence of picosecond impulses are considered. The divider consists of seven links: a single-stage splitter on a three-wire strip line and six cascades of quarter-wave transformers on two-wire coupled lines. The possibility of using dividers as combiners of pulse signals fed to the outputs of the dividers is shown. It is shown that the decoupling of the output ports and the transmission factor between the input port and the output ports, measured in the pulsed mode and under the influence of the chirp signal, are significantly different. Conditions for increasing the decoupling of the divider outputs in the pulsed mode are given.The divider is made on a ceramic substrate with an area of 5.5×1.2 mm and provides decoupling in the frequency band from 10 GHz to 67 GHz not worse than 18 dB, and maximum return losses not worse than 12 dB at insertion loss from –3,5 to –4.4 dB in frequency range.


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