The importance of integrating Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing into linguistic landscapes


Fahad Algarni,



Internet of Things,IoT, Linguistic Landscape,LLs ,Big Data,CloudComputing,


Although the Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging research area which has brought significant advantages for smart homes and smart building applications on the whole, these implementations are still very rare for linguistic landscapes (LLs). Based on a comprehensive literature review, this paper aims to contribute towards narrowing the gap between the employment of the IoT advanced technologies and their proper integration into smart LLs. The analysis focuses on IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, LLs, and the challenges and existing solutions, in order to effectively integrate cloud-centric IoT for smart LLs. The paper additionally proposes a framework which involves three main levels comprising different components from IoT, the big data and cloud computing literature that are mostly required for IoT-based smart LLs solutions. Finally, suggestions for the successful integration of IoT into LLs are presented together with future directions for research in this area. The key rational behind this study is to improve the quality of life for people utilizing IoT tools and techniques


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