M. Rama Sekhar Reddy,G. PanduRanga Reddy,M. Vijaya Kumar,




DFIG (Double Fed Induction Generator),Grid,Power Quality,Voltage sag,Voltage Swell,reactive power compensation,Wind Turbine,UPQC (Unified Power Quality Conditioner),


This paper discusses power quality improvement in a DFIG based WECS connected to a distribution system. A WECS is usually affected by issues such as high frequency oscillations, harmonics, transients, voltage sags, swells, voltage unbalance etc., These result in malfunction or damage to the electrical equipment in the system and lead to financial losses. So in order to mitigate the power quality events a UPQC device is employed which integrates series and shunt active filters that provide satisfactory compensation for power quality problems. The performance of UPQC is compared by using Fractional-Order PID controller and Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Logic Controller. Modeling of DFIG and WECS systems is discussed with relevant equations. Design of UPQC and controllers is also discussed in detail. The proposed DFIG based WECS employing UPQC is simulated on MATLAB/ Simulink platform. The compensation capabilities of UPQC are assessed for both controllers for the proposed system and simulation results are presented.


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