C. Anil Kumar,M. Subba Rao,D. Lenine,J. Suryakumari,



Direct torque control,Adaptive fuzzy system (AFS),Modelling of induction motor drive,


Better torque control can be obtained by the use of Direct torque control (DTC) instead of Field oriented control (FOC) in steady state and transient state operating conditions because of its simple control structure. Robustness and fast torque response are the advantages of Direct torque control (DTC). Stator flux estimation is difficulty under low speed operation due to existence of open loop integrator and improper working of an open loop voltage model, hence an adaptive fuzzy system is adopted which improves the machine performance by eliminating open loop integration, minimizing stator current distortions, constant switching frequency, fast response of rotor speed and stator flux electro-magnetic torque without ripples. In this paper an adaptive fuzzy controller is adapted which improves system performance and subdues high torque ripples. For the proposed system simulation results are carried out.


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