Novel Scalar PWM Techniques for Vector Control based Induction Motor Drives to Reduce Common Mode Voltage


P. Rama Mohan,K. Niteesh Kumar,G. Bala Subbarayudu,A. Suresh Kumar,D Lenine,



Common Mode Voltage,Vector Control,Induction Motor Drive,Active Zero State,Near State,


This paper presents novel and simple scalar Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) techniques for vector control based Induction Motor (IM) drives to reduce the common mode voltage (CMV). These PWM techniques don’t require information of angle and sector. So, there is less complexity. In the proposed approach, a generalized offset time expression is derived. The modulating signals of various PWM techniques were derived by varying a constant. With these PWM techniques, 33.33% of CMV is reduced. Also, these techniques are simple to implement because, reference vector calculation and sector identification is not required. The experimental set up of v/f control based IM drive is developed. The vector control based IM drive is simulated and the proposed scalar PWM techniques are evaluated.


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