Novel Broadband Antenna Design For RFID Tags


Sowmiya Manoj. M,Arulselvi. S,Saravana.S,Hemalatha. B,



Antenna,UHF,RFID,Substrate,Metallic objects,gain,


The UHF RFID system removes the requirement for manual processes, by improving inventory visibility performs workflows automation but these RFID tags cannot perform well in the existence of metallic items. In this paper , a unique UHF RFID tag antenna which can be suitable for metallic objects is put forward. The micro strip antenna is composed of two substrates isolated by an air layer the upper substrates is implemented with a folded dipole and two slots inserted at the end of the dipole. Second substrate is double-faced, parallel bars and metal plane on upper and lower face respectively. The printed parallel bar is to enlarge the bandwidth of the antenna by employing multi resonant bands. The main aim of the proposed antenna is to improve the antenna gain and to bring the return loss better than -10dB.


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