Modern Approaches to Preservation and Reconstruction of Historical Industrial Facilities


Salem M. Khalabi,Dmitry S. Chayko,Olga G. Plotnikova,Massimode Maria,Aleksandr S. Chikunov ,



Integration,Humanization,Industrial Architecture,Social-Cultural Problems,Reconstruction of Industrial Heritage,


This article discusses the problems of reconstruction and integration of historical monuments of industrial architecture and production facilities apart from the monuments. The problem of preservation and utilization of industrial projects, their integration into the urban environment is particularly acute in modern cities not only of Russia but of the whole world. Simultaneously, the changes in the social, political, and economic spheres of society occurring in the last decades mean a necessity to develop new positions in understanding of the effectiveness and appropriateness of the use of all that huge building, scientific-technical, technological and cultural potential, created in the period of formation and development of industrial companies. Increasingly there is a tendency of growth of any consideration of the production facility from the point of view of not only material but also social and aesthetic values. The article provides examples of both Russian and foreign practices of preservation and integration of industrial facilities explaining in details how this problem is solved in the course of experimental design by students of Russian architectural universities.


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