Modeling of Single Phase Single Stage Grid Integrated Photovoltaic System


D. Lenine,ChSai Babu,J Surya Kumari,Shaik Shabeena,Shaik Nayab Rasool,



Photovoltaic Systems,Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT),Grid integrated,Phase Locked Loop (PLL),Grid Synchronization,


Photovoltaic (PV) systems are most commonly used renewable energy source to obtain electrical energy economically as photovoltaic systems are simple, precise and economical but it effects with temperature and irradiance which means that the photovoltaic system is a non-linear source. It is possible to supply photovoltaic power to the utility grid while the power demand increases. Grid integrated photovoltaic system has the advantage of effective utilization of generated power.This paper presents an overview of single phase single stage grid integrated photovoltaic system with maximum power point tracking. The proposed system embraces a PV array, MPPT controller, DC/AC inverter, LCL filter, and electrical grid. In this paper, grid synchronization is provided through phase locked loop which improves the quality of power supplied to the grid. The proposed system is validated through MATLAB/ Simulink.


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