Karthick R,Vijaya Kumar R,



Induction Generator (IG),Synchronous Generator (SG),Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC),Wind-Diesel Hybrid system,Diesel Generator set,


This paper presents the transient performance of Wind-Diesel hybrid power system. Induction generator is used for wind power plant and synchronous generator is used for diesel system, combining both, named as hybrid system, is subjected to step load variation for analysing stability issues. The small signal model of synchronous generator with excitation system, induction generator of wind turbine and UPFC is obtained based on the requirement. The system reactive power is monitored and controlled by a Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) which improves the voltage profile of the system and thereby the stability. The system performance is investigated for both constant wind speed and varying wind speed. The complete system is modelled and built using MATLAB Simulink and the results are verified for various cases with and without UPFC controller.


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