Identification of Genes in Soft Coral Scleronephthya Gracillimum Using Next Generation Sequencing


Seonock Woo,Seungshic Yum,



Soft Coral ,Scleronephthya Gracillimum, Gene ,Cdna Chip ,Next Generation Sequencing,


The soft coral Scleronephthya gracillimum is a colonial azooxanthellate coral being dominant in Seoguipo, Jeju Island, Korea (33°24'N, 126°32'E). This coral contributes to the survival and maintenance of the overall biological community in this area by offering a wide variety of habitats for benthic marine animals. Ultimately we aimed the construction of cDNA chip from this soft coral species for the health assessment using its transcriptional changes and we identified the soft coral genes using next generation sequencing (NGS) and searched their gene functions using BLAST algorithm and classified the functional categories based on KOG classification.


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