Identification of Bio Active Compounds and Antimicrobial Effects of Couropita Guinensis.


S. Selvakumar,S.Gangatharan,



Antimicrobials,Couropita guianensis,HPLC analysis,medicinal agents,Phytoconstituents,


Aim: The Identification of bio active compounds or secondary metabolites and their antimicrobial activities of the chloroform extract of Couropita guianensis were studied on certain selected human pathogens. Materials and Methods: The phytocompounds of chloroform extract of a Couropita guinensis were analysed by HPLC the biological activities such as antibacterial efficacy were also analysed by the disc diffusion method. Results: The present investigation reveals the presence of phytocompounds and their role on antimicrobial efficacy against certain clinically important human bacterial pathogens such as E.coli, S.typhi, B.cereus, S.flexneri, P.aeroginosa and K.pneumoniae were studied. Conclusion: The present study focuses the presence of various phytocompounds and their crucial role on certain selected human pathogens.


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