Gesture Controlled Quad copter Using RF Technology


John Paul Praveen A,Balaji. S,Mohanraj R,



Quad-copter,Flex sensor,Motion capture system,UAV,


Gesture recognition technologies are much growing in the world of today. At this time there is much effective analysis in the terrain and limited in the way of openly available implementations. Many techniques have been implemented for sensing gestures and controlling quad copters. Glove based technique is a wellknown methods of recognizing hand gestures. A Gesture Controlled quad copter is a kind of quad copter which can be regulated by hand gestures and not the older way by using remotes. The user needs to wear a glove on his hand which comprises a sensor which is an Flex sensor in our case. Sensors convert physical movements into electrical signals. Also sensor converts different gesture movements of hands into electrical signals. Other commonly used transducers are Accelerometer and Gyroscopes. The user need wear a gesture device which includes flex sensor. A flex sensor is a sensor that measures the amount of bending. The sensor will document the drive of hand in particular direction which will result in the movement of quadcopter


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