Sergey V. Lukin,Sergey I. Smurov,




Balance,biological absorption factor,heavy metals,nickel,chrome,plants,chernozem. ,


The aim of the studies was to conduct an environmental assessment of heavy metals (Cr, Ni) content in agrocenoses of the forest-steppe zone in the southwestern part of the Central ChernozemicZone(CCZ). It was established in the course of the research, that the average gross content of nickel in the arable layer of chernozemic soil in the leached CCZforest-steppe zone was 24.9;average content ofchromiumwas 21.0 mg/kg.With an increase of the soil profile depth the gross content of heavy metals did not change. The average content of nickel and chromium mobile forms in the 0-20 cm layer was 0.63 and 0.44 mg/kg, respectively. The content of nickel mobile forms in the 81-100 cm layer was lower than in the arable layer; there was no significant change in the content of chromium with the depth of the soil profile. MPC surplus for heavy metals mobile formswas not observed. The biological absorption factor for the main and by-products of the studied agricultural crops for nickel was in the range of 0.20-3.98; and 0.15-0.88 for chromium. The main sources of the studied elements entering the agrocenoses of the Belgorod region were organic fertilizers. The application rate of organic fertilizers on average for the years of 2010-2013 was 3.95 t/ha, wherein 86.5% of nickel and 81.0% of chromium were supplied to agrocenoses.


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