Development of design education in Russia: history and contemporary problems


Anna V.Solovieva,Tatiana S.Semichevskaya, Oleg V.Bik,Elizaveta S. Terekhina,



design history,design education,russian design,professional competency,professional training,


The article discusses particularities of the development of design education in modern Russia. The necessity of interrelation between classical art and design, academic art and engineering education, traditional craft and applied art was identified and represented by variety of opinions of Russian and foreign researchers. It shows the evolution of opinions on the methods of formation a creative vision in the process of professional training of future designers. Article contains a detailed analysis of the history of educational activities and creative concepts of innovative design trends and activities. It shows the specific place and role of art universities, as well as the contribution of individual masters in the development of modern design education. Today in Russia, the graduate preparation of designers is determined by the federal state standard, but the alternative system of design education on the basis of non-state private educational institutions is becoming more competitive. The results of the analysis show that the formation of a creative vision in the process of professional training of future designers implies the multidimensionality and unity of design education.


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