A. Sanjeevi Gandhi,P. Kingston Stanley,



Dynamic C,Ring spinning machine,Twist,Rabbit microcontroller,


In textile spinning mills, the quality of yarn depends on twist and hence needs to be monitored continuously in online.  Ring spinning machine is used to produce yarn in textile industries, twist of yarn has been calculated by measuring spindle speed, measured at the common drive shaft and delivery speed of yarns is measured at front roller. Here, individual speed variation of spindle caused due to looseness or tightness of belt cannot be monitored separately. In this paper, the problem has been addressed by providing a hand-held device to the operator, which can measure individual spindle speed by Hall Effect sensor. Through wireless technology, the handheld device receives delivery speed from machine mounted controller unit which measures delivery speed. Handheld device will then calculate twist based on individual spindle speed and common delivery speed received from machine mounted unit. This device is highly needed in the industries, so that quality, production and maintenance can be improved.


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