Marina Vl. Byrdina,Lema A. Bekmurzaev,Mikhail F. Mitsik,Svetlana V. Kurenova,



Flexible inextensional (soft) shell,Navier-Stokes equations,analytical calculation method,shell gravity force,motion resistance forces,


This work makes use of Navier-Stokes equations to describe an analytical method of finding the motion speed of a flexible inextensional shell falling down to the ground from a preset height and determines the duration of this fall. The soft shell in question is a fabric body of aerodynamic shape or an item of clothes, an airborne vehicle element, etc. Analytical relations are presented for the speed at which the shell moves in the air, taking account of the air resistance and the shell fall duration. The boundary problem of the soft shell vertically falling in the air is solved.


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