Analysis of Abrikosov Vortices by the Superconductivity Model at the Twin Boundaries


V.A. Chizhov,V.L. Bychkov,F.S. Zaitsev,N.V. Samsonenko,



Superconductivity,Abrikosov Vortices,Fluxoids,Twin Boundaries,


The work is devoted to the study of Abrikosov vortices using the superconductivity model at the twin boundaries (MSC-TB) proposed in the works of V.А. Chizhov. The new model allows a deeper understanding of the mechanism of formation, evolution, and destruction of Abrikosov vortices and associated creep currents. A quantitative comparison of theoretical estimates of MSC-TB with experimental data is carried out. A good correspondence is shown. Methods of fighting with the creep current are sug-gested. Materials are described, including new ones, which, in accordance with the theory of MSC-TB, should have improved properties of superconductivity of the second kind. Perspective directions of further research are formulated.


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