N. Ramanjaneyulu,D. Satyanarayana,K. SatyaPrasad,



Ring oscillator,Voltage Controlled Oscillator,PLL,Communication systems,


Oscillators are used to convert Direct Current (DC) from power supply to an Alternating Current (AC) signal. Oscillatory behavior is ubiquitous in all physical systems, especially in electronic and optical. This paper present a inverter based (three stage) and delay cell based (three and five stage) Ring Oscillators (ROs).ROs was simulated using Cadence tools and its performance was evaluated based on different parameters having with 7.79GHz frequency (90nm technology), wide tuning- range from 11.58 GHz to 16.62 GHz (90 nm technology), Phase noise of - 101dBc/Hz (90 nm technology) and average power of 8.83μW (45 nm technology) .All these parameters are analyzed using CMOS technologies in 45nm, 90nm and 180nm technologies.


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