M. Vasu,D. Lenine,R. Kiranmayi,



Photovoltaic System,MPPT,Anti-islanding,Goertzel algorithm,


The integration of photovoltaic systems (PV) into the grid has raised concerns for distribution power generation systems (DPGS), including islanding fault detection. Inverter based PV system require an effective anti-islanding method. A new anti-islanding method presents for the DPGS. This method is based on introducing the harmonic component at the inverter side and phase-locked loop (PLL) based synchronization. The output reference current is modifying by each cycle by an injected signal. The disturbance caused by injected signal is small compared to other anti-islanding methods. This proposed method does not affect the zero crossing of the injected signal. The performance of the proposed method has been studied using MATLAB/Simulink.


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