T. Narasimha Prasad,Prof. A. Lakshmi Devi,




Droop Control,Hybrid Distributed Generator,Bi-directional DC-DC converter,current based MPPT,Low voltage AC-DC Microgrid,


Voltage regulation is vital in DC microgrids and the power generated at DC Bus of DC Microgrid is fed to AC side via. Interlinking converter in an AC-DC microgrid. Many Droop control techniques are used to efficiently control the voltage regulation at DC bus and sharing load demand among DGs (distributed generators) as per their individual droop characteristics in a decentralized manner. Low rating hybrid residential microgrids are eventually increasing popularity which are to be controlled to inject power into grid in grid-tied mode and to meet power balance in Islanded modes. The Proposed Unified dp / dv control strategy for a Multi-port DCDC converter, not only improve transient performance of DC-DC converter in tracking MPP compared to other methods, but also improves DC bus voltage regulation and battery SOC control. This control eliminating the switching between MPPT and voltage regulation modes. This Multi input DC-DC converter fed by Solar PV wind Battery storage is feeding power to critical DC load and connected to AC side via. Interlinking converter. The proposed System is implemented in MATLAB/Simulink to verify the effectiveness of this control strategy.


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