A Novel PWM Technique for Multilevel VSI fed Vector Controlled Drives based on Universal Offset Time Expression


P. Rama Mohan,Neeli Mallikarjuna,Puli Obulesu,A. Suresh Kumar,D Lenine,




PWM Algorithm,Vector Control,Induction Motor Drive,Multilevel Inverter,Voltage Source Inverter,


This paper presents a novel generalized scalar Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technique based on universal offset time expression for Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) fed Vector Controlled Drives In this technique, by varying a constant between 0 and 1, various PWM techniques have been derived. These PWM techniques don’t require information of angle and sector. Also, these techniques are simple to implement because, reference vector calculation and sector identification is not required. So, there is less complexity. The Multilevel inverter uses level shifting carrier signals. The proposed concept is simulated and evaluated.


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