Okolnikova Galina Erikovna,Ershov Mikhail Evgenevich,Malafeev Alexei Sergeevich,



Collapse,Corrosion of reinforcement,Cracks in concrete,Defects in reinforced concrete elements,Inspection of buildings and structures,Protective layer of concrete,Strengthening of structures,Waterproofing,


This article examines in detail the influence of various types of defects in reinforced concrete structures on the residual bearing capacity. The purpose of this study is to inspect a specific student dormitory with subsequent assessment of the technical condition category of reinforced concrete structures based on the results of identified defects and damage. The objectives of the work are visual inspection of the building with the identification of all defects, assessment of the suitability of the building for further operation, development of recommendations for strengthening reinforced concrete structures, and safe operation of the building. Based on the results of the inspection of reinforced concrete structures, the strength properties of concrete in the structures were determined, the most critical defects in the load-bearing elements were identified and recommendations for their strengthening were given. The relevance of this study for the construction industry is due to the following: 1) such studies are rarely conducted; 2) the issue of strengthening reinforced concrete structures is very relevant when inspecting buildings; 3) defects in reinforced concrete structures can significantly affect their bearing capacity and the assignment of a technical condition category to these load-bearing elements.


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