Adeed Khan,Muhammad Tehseen Khan,Muhammad Zeeshan Ahad,Mohammad Adil,Mazhar Ali Shah,Syed Khaliq Shah,



Green concrete,Fume Silica,Waste Marble Dust,Waste Glass Powder,Strength,


Concrete is a composite material made up of cement, aggregates, water, and sometimes suitable admixture. Concrete production requires a huge amount of natural materials. These natural materials excessive usage causing depletion of natural resources and also posing risk to the environment due to climatic change. Now a day’s climate change and environmental pressures are global issues worldwide. At the same time, different industries are generating a huge amount of waste products which goes to dumping sites causing land pollution. This is a key time to substitute natural materials with these waste materials of different industries. In the present study, cement is partially replaced by fumed silica and fine aggregates are partially replaced by the synergy of waste marble dust and glass powder. Mechanical properties and microscopic analysis of samples were done to get a better understanding of replacement effects. From mechanical strength test results, it was concluded that controlled concrete samples show the highest strength. 


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