Steady State Stability Analysis of a CSI-fed synchronous motor drive using Digital modeling


Shazia Hasan,A.B.Chattopadhyay,Mohammed Abdul Jabbar,Sunil Thomas,



CSI fed Synchronous Motor,Z transform,Jury‟s test,mpulse response, stability analysis,


This paper develops a digital model of a current source Inverter fed three phase synchronous motor drive system from the view point of steady state stability aspect. The motivation lies in the fact that to control any electrical drive system digital controller is needed. To develop the software and hardware of such controller, a suitable digital model of the original drive system becomes necessary. Approach to develop the model in s-domain has been outlined and then z-transform has been applied. Different aspects of the model like the stability assessment using pole-zero mapping, Jury’s test, range of coefficients of characteristic equation for stability etc., have been computed leading to various graphical plots. Furthermore perturbation of machine design parameters have been modeled from the view point of stability assessment with necessary computational results.


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