Md. Nur Alam,



The UT method,MM,the modified Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation,EE,WSs,


The existing article examines the mathematical model (MM) representing electrical engineering (EE). We implement the unified technique (UT) to discover new wave solutions (WS) and to erect numerous kinds of solitary wave phenomena (SWP) for the studied model (SM). The SM is one of the models that have vital applications in the area of EE. The taken features provide a firm mathematical framework and may be necessary to the WSs. As an outcome, we get new kinds of WSs from. With 3-d, density, contour, and 2-d for different values of time parameters, mathematical effects explicitly manifest the suggested algorithm's full reliability and large display. We implement a few figures in 3-d, density, contour, and 2-d for diverse values of time parameters to express that these answers have the properties of soliton waves.


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