Md. Sabur Uddin,Md. Nur Alam,Kanak Chandra Roy,



Nonlinear fractional order biological model, the modified -expansion method,the variation of -expansion method, mathematical solutions,nonlinear partial differential equations, lump, and rogue wave,


In this analysis, we apply prominent mathematical systems like the modified (G'/G)-expansion method and the variation of (G'/G)-expansion method to the nonlinear fractional-order biological population model. We formulate twenty-three mathematical solutions, which are clarified hyperbolic, trigonometric, and rational. Using MATLAB software, we illustrate two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and contour shapes of our obtained solutions. These mathematical systems depict and display its considerate and understandable technique that generates a king type shape, singular king shapes, soliton solutions, singular lump and multiple lump shapes, periodic lump and rouge, the intersection of king and lump wave profile, and the intersection of lump and rogue wave profile. Measuring our return and that gained in the past released research shows the novelty of our analysis. These systems are also capable to represents various solutions for other fractional models in the field of applied mathematics, physics, and engineering.


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