Md. Hasanuzzaman,Akio Miyara ,



Similarity solution,natural convective,vertical slender body,suction or blowing,


In this paper, the similarity solution of natural convective laminar boundary layer flow around a vertical slender body with suction and blowing has been investigated. Firstly, the governing boundary layer partial differential equations have been made dimensionless and then simplified by using Boussinesq approximation. Secondly, similarity transformations are introduced on the basis of detailed analysis in order to transform the simplified coupled partial differential equations into a set a ordinary differential equations. The transformed complete similarity equations are solved numerically by using Fourth order Runge-Kutta method as well as MATLAB. Finally, the flow phenomenon has been characterized with the help of obtained flow controlling parameters such as suction parameter, buoyancy parameter, Prandtl number, body-radius parameter and other driving parameters. The effects of dimensionless parameters on the velocity and temperature distributions are presented graphically. It is found that a small suction or blowing can play a significant role on the patterns of flow and temperature fields. 


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