Role of Internet of Things (IoT) with Blockchain Technology for the Development of Smart Farming


Sabir Hussain Awan,Sheeraz Ahmed,Nadeem Safwan,Zeeshan Najam,M. Zaheer Hashim,Tayybah Safdar,



Agriculture,Blockchain,Novel,IoT,Smart Model,


Agriculture and its supply chain is one of the major domains of research which need attention for its growth in all developing countries. Food safety and its supply are also drawing the world attention towards its importance and people are focusing on it because of health hazards. In this research, we have presented a model for the uplift of traditional agriculture field to smart farming, considering blockchain with IoT technology. This system promises to provide equal opportunity to all stakeholders involved in the agricultural food supply chain; even they are not interconnected. IoT devices are added to the smart model to reduce human interference for data collection, recording and verification. The validation of our novel model is compared with our own scheme utilizing only IoT devices deployed in the monitoring field without block-chain.  


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