Alaa A.Ghulam,Ihsan Y. Hussain,



Cascade Thermal Energy Storage,Metal Foam,Charging and Discharging Process,Numerical Simulation,


A numerical simulation is proposed for the thermal performance enhancement of Cascade Thermal Energy Storage System (CTESS)of paraffin wax Phase Change Materials (PCMs), by using Metal Foam (MF). Both melting and solidification processes were investigated. Copper foam with different porosities was used as MF and air as Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF).The numerical study includes charging and discharging processes at different velocities of (HTF) for three systems: CTESS with MF in the PCM side(MF-CTES),CTESS with MF in the fluid side(MF-AIR) and CTESS with MF in both PCM and fluid sides(MF-ALL).A numerical simulation by using CFD ANSYS FLUENT software package (Version 19) was done for the problem. The main results showed that by using metal foam in both sides (MF-ALL), the heat transfer enhanced greatly; it was between (53% -84%) in charging process and between (60% -86%) in discharging process, compared to the improvement obtained by previous work (Hiba and Ihsan [VI-IX])which ranged between (20.96 % to 42.04%) and (25.31% to 54.92%) for charging and discharging process respectively. This enhancement increases with increasing velocity and also the time of melting and solidification process reduced compared with (MF-CTES) and (MF- AIR).


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