MHD Free Convection Flow Of Fluid From A Vertical Flat Plate


S.F. Ahmmed,M.S. Alam sarkar,



viscous incompressible fluid, convection flows,skin friction,heat transfer,


A two dimensional natural convection flow of a viscous incompressible and electrically conducting fluid past a vertical impermeable flat plate is considered in presence of a unifrom transverse magnetic field. The governing equations are reduced to non-similar boundary layer equations by introducing coordinate transformations appropriate to the cases (i) near the leading edge (ii) in the region for away from the leading edge and (iii) for the entire regime from leading edge to down stream. the governing equations for the flow in the up stream regime are investigated by perturbation method for smaller values of the stream wise distributed magnetic field parameter. The equations governing the flow for large and for all have been investigated by employing the implicit finite difference method with Killer box scheme. The effect of prandit number pr and the magnetic filed parameter on the skin fricition as well as on the rate of heat transfer for the fluid of low prandtl number will be shown in tabular from. The effect of Pr and different level of velocity, in the boundary layer region, will also be shown graphically.


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