Optical Multiplexer


Dilip Kumar Gayen,




Optical Multiplexer,Nonlinear optics,Optical communications,TOAD-based switches.,


In this paper, we present an all-optical multiplexer based on a Terahertz Optical Asymmetric Demultiplexer (TOAD) device. The TOAD is used as a nonlinear optical switch to selectively route optical signals based on their wavelength or frequency, allowing for the multiplexing of multiple optical channels onto a single fiber optic cable. We describe the design and implementation of the TOAD-based multiplexer, including the optical components and signal processing algorithms used to achieve high-speed, low-error-rate operation. We also present experimental results demonstrating the performance of the multiplexer, including its ability to maintain signal quality over long distances and under various noise and interference conditions. Our results show that the TOAD-based multiplexer offers a promising approach to all-optical multiplexing for high-speed, high-capacity optical communications systems.


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