Mehria Nawaz,Twinkle Agarwal,Dilip Kumar Gayen,



Skill test platform,MongoDB,MERN Stack, MongoDB,student's performance,


Information communication and technology are the most important skills for 21st-century learning and help promote other skills, including life and career skills and learning and innovation skills. This kind of learning allows the learner to connect as a learning network without barriers or borders. The growth of online education has taken our education system to another level. Now anyone can learn from anywhere, anytime as per convenience. In different platforms, questions link are shared with a submission time. Although, learners are taking up unfair means to clear the test provided online in which students usually search up the topic, use different means to get the answers, and get good marks. Hence, teachers cannot get an idea of who is good in the class and who needs extra attention. So, our idea is to make such a platform where the teacher will be taking the test just like our offline classes. In this platform, the teacher will be discussing every question after the students submit the answer in a time duration which will also be proctored and at the same time, the teacher will get the top performer and their submission time. This way we can assure minimal malpractice and identify the students who need more explanation for the questions. This will clear their doubts and the teacher understands the actual performance ratio.


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