Amr Mohammed Sayed Emam Sallam,AllaaEddin Ismaail, Mohammed Ebrahim El Sherbiny Sakr,Mohammed Elsayed Mohammed Mohammed Abdou,Yousef A.Baker El-Ebiary,



Electronic Information,The Internet,Online Data,Atheism, Social Media,


Abstract With the great development that the world has witnessed with regard to technology, and specifically the emergence of the Internet, there have been a number of negative and positive impacts on the individual and society, perhaps the greatest benefit of the Internet is to provide access to infinite information and knowledge with ease by browsing the websites spread on the Internet and the ease of communication The Internet has contributed greatly to the ease of communication and sharing between individuals regardless of distances, and has provided immediate access to anyone in the world. However, in light of the huge spread of information, it is difficult to choose the correct and accurate information, and among the misconceptions on the Internet are atheism or disbelief in God and inclination through the people of faith, rationality, disbelief in resurrection, heaven, fire, and dedication of all life to the world only, which is what is today called "secular or non-religious" Atheists base their ideas on their denial of the unseen altogether and in detail their mockery of rituals their fierce war against good morals and customs maximizing them for matter and nature. This research aims to clarify the full meaning of atheism in terms and form, and the importance of technology in the spread of information..


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