Muhammad Mujtaba Shaikh,Mumtaz Yousaf,




Mathematical methods,Chemical equations,Linear Algebra,Linear Programming,Integer Linear Programming,FLOPs, Mathematical Chemistry,


In this study, a comparative analysis is to be conducted between different mathematical techniques to find out the best one which can be more suitable from all perspectives to balance equations of chemical reactions and to provide case-to-case recommendations for the practitioners. The linear algebra approach, linear programming approach, and integer linear programming approach have been successfully utilized for chemical equation balancing.  Some chemical equations have been taken from the literature to see the performance of the above approaches. After highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of the existing approaches, some proposals for modification are presented. The proposed modifications have been worked out on all problems, and the integer solution is attained for all problems; even in cases where existing methods failed. The final recommendations on easier and better techniques have been provided. The two modified methods achieved top ratings among the existing and proposed methods.


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